About me

Pedro Versteeg at workArtist practice

Over time my impulsive practice gradually evolved from street art to applying paint to paper, wood, glass, canvas and ceramics. Through mixing media and technique, I use acrylic, oil and spray cans with spontaneity and precision to achieve an impactful result.
My observations of wild flora and fauna inspired me to explore using imagery of primates and underwater species.
My work addresses environmental issues such as pollution and animal trafficking, and aims to question our own behaviour and impact on the growing scarcity of resources and the loss of biodiversity.

Artist biography

Versteeg is currently finishing his bachelor’s degree in Painting at the University of Fine Arts in Lisbon, alongside working with Bordalo II team. He has participated in several events and residencies around the world, from Lisbon to Hong Kong, Miami, Tenerife and Australia. His illustrations also feature in two published books that discuss the relationship between animals and humans.